LIPO-OUT Ready-to-Wrap Bandages

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Combination of Caffeine and L-carnitine is apt to contrast systemically triglycerides and adipocytes reducing their volume. Lipo-out is indicated for treatments against cellulite and muscular atonia with plastic action on tissues. Caffeine – optimal against cellulite, it helps to drain, detoxify and increase the metabolic consumption reducing liquid retention. Active Ingredients: L–Carnitine, Phosphatidylcholine, Bromelinae (Bromelain) and Bioflavonoids.
LIPO-OUT Con cafeína, L-carnitina y fosfatidilcolina. Activos que trabajan en sinergia para combatir los cúmulos de adiposidad localizada, disolviéndola y reduciendo el contorno de la área tratada.
Each package contains: 2 Disposable Pre-Soaked Bandages Ready-To-Wrap: 4 inches x 30 feet each, enough to completely wrap the client's body
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